Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Craziest Moments of ‘Sicut Cervus’

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5. Luis dies, but his mother’s okay with it.

Because nothing ever goes according to plan in the Walking Dead universe, there was no chance the payment for entry into Mexico was going to go smoothly. Luis, the man who saved everyone the week before with a sniper rifle, was supposed to meet with his contact, Miguel, by using the speedboat, but Miguel insisted on climbing aborad the Abigail instead.

With the Manawa and Clark families waiting patiently in a hidden spot, gunfire was heard on the deck above to signal that something had gone wrong with the deal. Fortunately, Strand survived, and the assailants were also taken out. However, Luis had been shot and laid dying on the ground.

With his final breaths, Luis requests the others bring an owl coin to his mother, only to see Daniel throw it overboard. We knew that Daniel was going through some of his own trauma, but, wow, what a dick move that was.

Luis would die right there on the ship, but when the news was delivered to his mother Celia, she took it rather calmly. Told that Luis had become a walker, she stated that he’d eventually find his way back and she went on her way.

Why was Celia so casual about her son becoming a zombie? Maybe that’s because…

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