Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Craziest Moments of ‘Sicut Cervus’

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4. Celia is keeping walkers… and poisoned the entire church.

Celia seems like a nice enough lady, but not everybody is completely trusting of her. This includes Madison, who takes exception to Celia talking privately with Nick, as well as Daniel Salazar, who decides to do some snooping around.

Salazar witnesses a worker dropping a live animal down a chute, and upon further investigation, he discovers a group of zombies locked up behind a gate. Celia is apparently keeping the walkers around as she still sees them as people, shades of Hershel Greene in Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

But while Hershel may have viewed zombies as sick people just waiting for a cure, Celia recognizes that they’re dead. She seems to think that the dead have always walked among us, presumably as ghosts, and now the only difference is that we can see them. It sure doesn’t take too long for the crazy to come out of people in this world, I suppose.

Celia is revealed to have poisoned the entire church, which we saw the effects of in the beginning of the episode. She even offers a poisoned wafer for Strand to take with Thomas, so they can die together as Thomas was already succumbing to a bite.

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