Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Craziest Moments of ‘Sicut Cervus’

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2. Thomas Abigail dies… and Strand nearly goes with him.

Early into the episode, we knew that Strand’s lover was a goner. He was revealed to have been bitten on the arm by a zombie, marking the countdown until he’d completely succumb to the fever. Strand had managed to make it back to Thomas after all, but it was unfortunately too late.

Thomas tells Strand how much he doesn’t want to leave him behind, and Strand decides that he won’t have to. Using the poisoned communion wafers from Celia, Strand and Abigail can take them together to join each other in the afterlife. Apparently, they’d even be well-cared for by Celia, even in walker form.

You can tell that Strand is serious, but Abigail convinces him not to do it. Instead, the two lay together until Abigail finally takes his last breath, and it’s clear that Strand is still thinking about joining him on the other side.

However, a bullet through Abigail’s brain is the only one that’s fired, preventing him from becoming a walker. Strand won’t be coming with him after all. We’ll see how well that sits with Celia, as well as how this will ultimately effect Victor, in the upcoming episodes.

One good thing about that gunshot, though, was that it stopped something worse from happening…

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