’12 Monkeys’: ‘Bodies of Water’ Won’t Leave You Thirsty


Now well into its second season, 12 Monkeys continues its breakneck pace in a different, but effective fifth episode featuring the time-traveling show’s supporting cast.

The following review contains a mini-bananas worth of spoilers. You’ll be fine to consume the review at anytime. We hope you find it tasty.

Throughout the second season of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, we’ve been to more places in time than the bookmarks of a history text in an old Library. Regardless of when, where, or how Cole and company get to their desired place in time, it’s always a fun ride to be on.

Hey it’s time Jesus.-Deacon

Bodies of Water continues the 12 Monkeys MO with the narrative again taking place between 2016 and 2044. While I missed the 1944 setting, and the two punch brilliance of One Hundred Years & Emergence, 12 Monkeys newest outing still delivers on fast moving Sci-Fi that’s never boring.

On top of its fast-pace narrative, which is nothing new to 12 Monkeys, Bodies of Water pushes characters further than in any previous episode of Season 2. Written by Kristen ReidelBodies of Water features an amazing scene between Deacon, Cole, and Ramse that’s not only well written in terms of dialogue, but moves the tension between these characters almost to a boiling point as well.

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Also, the relationship between Jennifer and Cassandra comes to a revelation in a tightly written episode that’s can’t miss material for any 12 Monkeys fan.

Admittedly Jennifer can be a bit to handle, as is made evident between her and Cassandra’s many interactions. Cassandra has come to dislike Jennifer, mostly due to a misunderstand of the primary’s place in the time-order tale. If you’re a big fan of the show, you’ll know there’s always been animosity between Jennifer and Cassandra but things may be changing for the primary and the doctor in Bodies of Water.

Bodies of Water. is decently directed as well. The episode is nothing that’s going to make you freak-even if you are a direction head like me, but it is serviceable.

Directed by Mairzee Almas, one of the things that stood out for me is the 80s style montage in Bodies of Water. It was amazing to add contrast to the horrible world in which our core cast of characters now live. Also, I’m a sucker for a montage.

Todd Stashwick as Deacon in’12 Monkeys’- Courtesy of Syfy

As for Bodies of Water ‘s acting, the accolades belong to three performers (who get most of the scream time as well).

Emily Hampshire Is great in the role of Jennifer. Playing Jennifer Goins, It’s hard not to get swept up in the primary’s blissful nature, and what’s more impressive, is her juggling of her happy mood despite her scary visions. Hampshire is highly entertaining with her cute, almost psychotic nature. She also has an awesome  movie quote that I freaked out at when I heard. Its in the episode’s opening moments.

Also, Amanda Schull is as great as the Sunday paper in Bodies of Water. Tackling the role of Dr. Cassandra Railly, Schull really plays that slow line between cold to warm in her slowly blossoming friendship with Goins While Hampshire is probably doing better work ultimately, it’s not by much. It was awesome to see the two interact, and a big part of the enjoyment came from the talents of Schull.

Lastly,Todd Stashwick is magnetic as Deacon in Bodies of Water. With nine episodes of 12 Monkeys under his belt thus far, Stashwick is amazing in the episode. It’s always fun, even as simply a viewer, to constantly wonder if Deacon can be trusted. The actor knows when to apply paranoia in places, and comfort in others. He’s great in his last scene in Bodies of Water, as well as in the car scene with Ramse and Cole, and I can’t wait to see Stashwick perform in future 12 Monkey outings

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So, Will Cassandra help save Jennifer from almost certain death at the hands of the Army? Will Cole and Ramse finally fix their “situation” with Deacon? Will The Army of the 12 Monkeys kill another primary? You’ll have to swing on over to Syfy to find out.


Mairzee Almas‘s Bodies of Water is another strong entry of12 Monkeys. While it’s a far cry from the last two episodes of the show, which is one of the best 2-part episodic television events  I’ve ever seen, Bodies of Water is still worth your time. The first half is decent, but the second half more than makes up for its almost convoluted nature. The strength of the latter half is the reason the grade has that plus (regardless if the first half does have a few awesome character moments). So see it now, and stop monkeying around.


Check out a preview of next week’s episode, Immortal, only on Syfy:

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