Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Craziest Moments From ‘Shiva’

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Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC

5. Celia kicks Strand and the Manawa and Clark families off the compound.

Celia was so upset about Strand putting a bullet through Abigail’s brain that she demanded he leave, along with all of the others he had brought with him. It turns out that she was really looking forward to having Abigail in her zombie collection, and Strand wasn’t having it. She’s nothing but a grown-up Lizzie, I tell ya.

Fortunately, Celia had taken a liking to Nick, and after the two of them speak, she decides that his family can stay— but Strand still must leave. Immediately following a memorial ceremony for Abigail, Strand is ordered to leave, although he insists on having just a little more time to grieve (by way of threatening Celia’s goons with a shovel).

It’s a shame the group had traversed so many miles to get to this place, only to discover Abigail dying and see things just get worse from there. I’m not so sure Strand would have even wanted to stay there forever without Abigail around anyway. But considering he dug Abigail’s deep grave himself, I couldn’t expect him to walk away just like that.

Not that it matters too much, considering what ultimately ended up happening to Celia herself very soon afterward…

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