Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Craziest Moments From ‘Shiva’

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Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC

4. Madison lures Celia to be eaten by the very walkers she had been keeping.

While Madison can see how dangerous of a person Celia really is, the kids don’t quite agree. When Maddie tells Strand how she’s worried about Nick, Strand points out that with a young, impressionable mind of a drug addict, it’s not surprising Celia was able to make an impression on him. Indeed, Nick seems to see Celia as a saint, and Maddie is frightened that she’s losing him to this crazy woman.

Madison then shows just how cold she can be by playing dumb with Celia, acting as if she truly wants to understand her and why she’s keeping the zombies around downstairs. Celia then goes to show her up close, taking a few steps past the game of the wine cellar to look at a zombified Luis. She clarifies her reasoning for keeping the walkers as simply trying to feed those who are hungry and love those who need love, even if they cannot love back.

Unfortunately for Celia, Madison shut and locked the door behind her, saying how she’d do anything for her children. Celia will never get the chance to “poison” Nick’s mind anymore, as she was left to face the biters that were now locked in the same room with her.

Still, she wasn’t as crazy as Chris Manawa now seems to be. Speaking of which…

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