Fear the Walking Dead: 5 Craziest Moments From ‘Shiva’

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Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC

1. Nick abandons his family after seeing them as the real monsters.

You know how I was saying how I don’t know anymore what the right choices are, and good guys and bad guys on the show are much less clear? Characters on the show are getting that same sentiment, even. Nick himself no longer sees the group as the good guys.

Nick made it back to the estate just in time to see it explode. Quickly realizing Strand and/or Madison had to be involved, Nick questions his mother, only to be dismissed and ordered to just come along with them in a getaway truck. Maddie’s way of avoiding Nick’s questions about what happened only makes him upset.

“She was right about us,” Nick would mention to his mother. Apparently, all they do is “destroy everything”, but looking at what just happened since they group arrived, that seems to be the truth. Maybe Celia wasn’t such a nut after all.

In any case, Nick was disgusted with what had apparently happened, and he was no longer interested in staying with them. Like Chris, he then simply turned and ran away into a sea of walkers, walking invisibly among them with his blood-and-guts camouflage.

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