Fear the Walking Dead: Ranking the Surviving Characters

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8. Chris Manawa

I’ll be honest and admit that I’ve never been a big fan of Chris. It’s not that I hated him, but there wasn’t much to like about him, either. I started to feel some empathy for him when he had to struggle with putting down that dying man from the crashed airplane, but it wasn’t long before he started annoying me again.

Still, I would be able to deal with Chris, as long as he added some sort of value to the group. It turns out he was more dangerous to the others than anything else. Choosing to let Madison nearly die and then threatening Alicia really started turning me against him, and when he creeped his way into her bedroom later to loom over her with a knife, that’s when I knew he needed to go.

Somehow, Chris managed to survive after running away on his own, but the worst trouble he came across was an unarmed man with a small child. And what did Chris do? He held the boy hostage just to hide from his dad. If I wasn’t anti-Chris before, I certainly was then. Moral ambiguity is one thing, but only a monster would point a gun at a child.

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