Fear the Walking Dead: Ranking the Surviving Characters

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6. Alicia Clark

Let me just say that I like Alicia a lot, and she has proven herself capable of dispatching walkers as seen during such moments as when she confronted a swarm of deceased airplane passengers on that desert island. She can handle a weapon and there hasn’t been a time when she’s completely lost her cool.

Alicia isn’t without her terrible decisions though, as we’re still reeling from the pirate attack on the Abigail a few episodes back. By sneaking off on her own to find romance by way of secret radio conversations, Alicia wound up leading a murderous band of sailing crooks directly to them. It was nothing short of miraculous that Nick showed up with a sniper in the form of Strand’s associate Luis, who basically saved everyone on the boat.

For what it’s worth, though, Alicia did incredible work playing Jack to do her part in saving the family. I got a kick out of seeing her dive away from him into the water to return to the other survivors. Did he really think she was going to abandon her family for him, after he had just been involved in nearly killing them all?

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