Fear the Walking Dead: Ranking the Surviving Characters

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5. Travis Manawa

Travis is someone with the potential to become an incredible character on Fear the Walking Dead, but he isn’t quite there just yet. He has made plenty of poor decisions of his own, and his wishy-washy attitude toward many important matters can sometimes make him more of a pain in the ass than a badass. But he’s getting better.

When his sociopath son took off after being caught watching Maddie and Alicia sleep while brandishing a knife, Travis stepped up as his father and chased right after him. With Chris’s emo temper tantrum taking the Manawas hours away, Travis becomes hurt, limping and exhausted. His feet are literally bleeding from all of the running he’s just done without shoes.

It was nice to see Travis using his brain, catching on to the fact that the man in the shack was a bit too eager to get him to leave. Realizing what his son was capable of, Travis banged that door open and took on the little psycho head on. At one point, Chris even slashed at Travis with a knife, but fortunately the patriarch was able to subdue him.

Part of stepping up as the father never was, even before the outbreak, meant staying with his son during his time of need, even if it meant saying goodbye to Madison and her family. That choice was certainly tough, but this time, Travis made the right one.

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