Fear the Walking Dead: Ranking the Surviving Characters

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Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC

3. Victor Strand

I’ve gone back and forth with Victor Strand since his introduction. It was never quite clear as to whether he was a good guy or not, as he was more mysterious than anything else. Just when I started to get behind him, he cut Alex and Jake loose after agreeing to tow their raft, leaving them for dead. But in other ways, I understood him as he let his tunnel-vision for reuniting with Thomas control all of his decisions.

Whether I like him or not, though, I have to say that Strand is one of the most entertaining characters on the series. He may have been a jerk at times, but he was always so focused on seeing Abigail again. Now that Abigail— and the entire Baja estate— are no longer factors in the group’s plans moving forward, perhaps Strand will be less antagonistic towards the other characters.

It was humorous to see Strand threatening Celia’s goons with the shovel when they threatened to remove him directly following Abigail’s memorial service, and that sort of made me like him again. I’m very interested to see where he goes from here, as his next course of actions will show what kind of person he truly is.

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