Fear the Walking Dead: Ranking the Surviving Characters

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Fear the Walking Dead – AMC

2. Alex

We first saw Alex introduced in the web-series for the show called “Flight 462”, in which she quickly became the breakout character. Very quick to catch on to the new dangers in the world, Alex proved to be the most capable passenger on the plane and naturally wound up as its sole survivor once it crashed.

While many characters on the show struggled with presenting likable personalities, Alex was quick to make me a fan. In fact, Alex is my favorite character on Fear the Walking Dead. She just has this strong, charismatic presence, and her keen survival skills have already made her a badass. It’s not her fault the only group that would take her in was a band of pirates, as I would have much rather had her join the main group instead.

The onlyreason Alex isn’t in the number 1 spot is because she simply hasn’t been on the series for long enough, and it’s not exactly clear as to whether we’ll see her again. As such an awesome character though, and with so much unused story potential involved with her, Jack, and the Clark/Manawa group, it’d be a travesty not to bring her back.

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