Fear the Walking Dead: Ranking the Surviving Characters

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Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC

1. Nick Clark

When it comes to actual character progression on the show, our favorite drug addict Nick Clark takes the cake. As the series started with Nick awakening from a drug-induced slumber (similar to how Rick Grimes awoke from a gunshot-induced slumber), he seemed like an easy goner. How is a junkie ever going to survive, let alone be beneficial to the group?

Fortunately, Nick has evolved quite a bit. He is horrified by the things he has to do in this new world, such as putting down walker children, so he has maintained his morals— but it hasn’t stopped him from being a completely efficient survivor. Using Michonne’s walker blood trick, Nick literally confronts death face to face, walking invisibly through hordes of the undead as if he were one of them.

Nick’s big heart has placed him at odds with his own family, after seeing the carnage his mother had caused at the compound. In some ways, I understand Nick running away, although I’m certain he will find his way back. As he told Maddie earlier, he promised not to die, and he seems to be capable enough to keep that promise— for now.

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