’12 Monkeys’: ‘Meltdown’ Greatly Builds Back Half Of Season 2


Now seven episodes into its second season, Syfy’s ’12 Monkeys’ swings into the back half of the season in an episode that changes the crew and facility forever.

The following reviews contains minor spoilers. You’ll be of to peel this reviews of ‘Meltdown’.

Here we are you pack of crazy monkeys. We’ve finally reached the middle of the roller coaster that is12 Monkeys’ Season 2, and with it, we get an entry that basically acts like a mid-season finale.

But it might save you-Dr. David Eckland

Titled Meltdown, the episode is a shake up to the recent string of outings which mainly focused on Cole and Co. going to different place in time to stop The Messengers from offing any more of The Primarys; Meltdown takes place almost entirely in the facility in 2044.

Instead of jumping around to different places in time-something that is admittedly one of the show’s most enjoyable parts- the show gets focused with less down-the-line plotting for the entire series and more character in peril, now or never, storytelling.

After a few quick character moments, which do pay off with the events of the last third of Meltdown, the show moves quickly as the actual time machine is about to…well…meltdown. What follows is a less fun, but more suspenseful, episode of 12 Monkeys. I won’t ruin the fun of the suspense but you monkeys are going to love it.

Amanda Schull and Peter DaCunha in ‘Meltdown’-Courtesy of Syfy

The acting is also solid across the board in Meltdown, which is nothing new for the great ensemble cast. Even the lesser supporting cast gets some time and the results truly strengthen 12 Monkeys as a whole.

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As for the direction, it’s quite good though episodes like Meltdown don’t have to be insane in terms of composition and camera-movement. Directed by Grant Harvey, we get a realization shot on Cole (in the show’s first half before the monkey shit hits the fan), a great medium after something bad happens to a main character (you’ll know what you see it).

So, will Cole and Co. be able to stop the facility for melting down? Will Cassandra be able to deal with meeting The Messenger? Will Ramse get more time with his son? You’ll have to swing over to Syfy to find out and a great dog P.O.V shot.

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Grant Harvey‘s Meltdown is a different, but great, episode of 12 Monkeys. It sets the course for the back half of Season 2, and in doing that, really shakes things up in an interesting way. Any fan of the series will no doubt enjoy Meltdown and what the episode has to offer. So stop playing in that zoo you call home and catch it now.


Check out a preview of next weeks episode, Lullaby, courtesy of Syfy:

Enjoying Syfy’s 12 Monkeys? Did or didn’t like what Meltdown had to offer? Sound off with your comments below and let’s get as many monkeys as we can to get the conversation going. Don’t forget to tune into 12 Monkeys Mondays at 9/8c, only on Syfy.