Scream 3: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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7. Neve Campbell’s contract only allowed her to be on set for 20 days.

Because of her involvement in other projects at the time, Neve Campbell was a very busy actress. Her contract for Scream 3 could only allow her to shoot for 20 days, as a result. So, even though Sidney Prescott was still the central character of Scream 3, you might have noticed that her actual time on-screen is very limited.

Because Campbell had to be used sparingly, more emphasis had to be placed on the supporting characters. Unfortunately, this really hurt the film, as none of the new characters were anywhere nearly as memorable, and viewers spend a lot of time wondering where Sidney is.

For what it’s worth, when Campbell actually does show up on the screen, she is great. Her scenes are easily the best of the film, so it really hurt the story not having her around for longer. Perhaps production should have been delayed for a little longer so Campbell’s shooting schedule could clear up, as the star of the movie should really be taking a bigger chunk of the screen time.

There is another reason, however, that production should have been postponed, because another key player in the franchise wasn’t available…

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