Scream 3: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Photo from Dimension Films

3. There were no test screenings for the press… or the cast and crew.

Leading up to the release of Scream 3 in theaters, horror fans really had no idea what to expect. Could this movie live up to the films before it? Even the critics had to wait with the fans to find out, as no test screenings were allowed to the press until two days before the film premiered in theaters.

According to the studio, this was done to prevent spoilers. Given the “whodunnit?” nature of the movies, the idea was to protect the film’s secrets so that not everybody would know who the killer was going in. Even if that reveal in the film itself wound up to be rather disappointing, I can understand not wanting everyone to know who it was weeks before the film opened.

What does seem odd, however, is that the cast and crew themselves weren’t even allowed to watch the movie early, forced to wait until its premiere to see the finished product. That’s really unusual for any Hollywood film.

Like the audience, the cast also wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen at the end of the movie either, because…

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