‘Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Image from Universal Pictures

1. There could have been no demons at all in the movie.

Here’s one that instantly doesn’t make sense the second you hear it. Demon Knight, a film about evil demons that even has the word in its title, had a 50% chance of not actually having any demons at all in the film. In fact, two separate scripts for the movie— one with demons, and one without— were penned for the film, as the producers mulled over the options.

Why wouldn’t they want demons in the movie? It was apparently due to budgetary issues. Back in the early 90s, demons could be expensive to realistically bring to the big screen. In an effort to avoid using prosthetic makeup, an alternate script had the demons as portrayed by sinister looking humans in black suits— something like The Matrix.

Fortunately, Universal Pictures realized how awful a demon movie without demons would be, so the studio ponied up the extra cash to get some actual hell spawns on the screen.

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Demon Knight isn’t quite as iconic as the Tales From the Crypt TV series, but it’s an entertaining genre film of the 90s that I suggest you watch if you enjoy horror films from that time period.