‘Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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9. The film’s release date was pushed from Halloween to Friday the 13th.

There are many times horror movies try to coincide with a particular release date, as it’s generally expected films in the genre will perform better on those days. Well, Demon Knight was no different. The initial release date for the film was Halloween of 1994, which did seem logical given how big the Tales From the Crypt name was with horror fans.

For whatever reason, the movie wound up being pushed back from its tentative release date. Unfortunately, that meant that Demon Knight wouldn’t be scaring audiences on the big screen on the big day after all.

Universal Pictures chose the next best thing, though, by releasing the movie on Friday the 13th in January of 1994. The Crypt Keeper fortunately found another spooky day to premiere his first feature film on.

What if the movie wasn’t ready by January, though? Would Universal Pictures have waited out the year for the next Halloween or Friday the 13th? Wow, come to think of it, we definitely need more than just two horror holidays, just for the sake of releasing more big name horror movies if nothing else.

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