‘Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight’: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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4. It was supposed to be the second Tales From the Crypt film.

Finally, after so many filmmakers had played hot potato with the Demon Knight script, it wound up on the desk of someone who would actually turn it into a reality. When Silver Pictures obtained the screenplay it was optioned to be the second in a series of three feature films based on the Tales From the Crypt TV series.

When Universal Pictures looked at the three planned Tales film scripts, they saw Demon Knight as having the most potential, choosing instead to shoot that one first. There were still plans to do the other two films, starting with Dead Easy, a zombie movie set in New Orleans. While that movie never actually materialized, it is alluded to in the closing credits of Demon Knight.

The other screenplay was called Body Count, which also failed to ever see production. Demon Knight wound up being the only one of the three originally planned ideas for a Crypt film, as two separate scripts would make up the others in the trilogy— Bordello of Blood and Ritual. In my opinion, Demon Knight is by far the best of the actual film trilogy, as well.

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