Scream 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Scream 2 (Dimension Films)

2. The script was constantly changing and top secret

If everybody had known the ending of Scream before going in, it would have not been as nearly a memorable experience watching it for the fans in the theaters. With this in mind, Wes Craven and the studios were likely furious when an extra on the set leaked the script online, in one of the very first major film leaks ever. Thousands of people across the world now had access to what was supposed to be a guarded story.

With so many surprises spoiled very early into production, Kevin Williamson was forced to heavily alter the script. Then, several security precautions had to be added to prevent additional leaks and spoilers. This included the cast and crew signing non-disclosure agreements, and keeping the last ten pages unavailable to everybody until it actually came time to shoot the scenes.

Because of the ever-changing screenplay, the film had actually begun shooting without a completed script, something practically unheard of in Hollywood. With the way the story had constantly evolved, it’s a wonder it came out so coherently, which shows the talent of Craven and Williamson working through the hiccups together.

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