Scream 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Scream 2 (Dimension Films)

1. The original ending’s killers were different, and there were more

Out of the many rewrites Scream 2 had endured, the one which affected the story the most was the alternate ending. The way it was originally scripted, before it leaked and forced rewrites, had a total of four killers, all with different motivations.

In the theatrical cut, Mrs. Loomis is revealed to be the killer, with Mickey as her partner in crime. In the first script, Loomis was still a killer, but she had two different accomplices— Sidney’s boyfriend, Derek, and her friend, Hallie. Loomis would have shot them both dead, despite them helping her, before trying to kill Sidney in the climax.

It only gets weirder. Cotton Weary kills Mrs. Loomis to save Gale and Sidney, but then shockingly stabs and kills Gale. Telling Sidney he wants to get revenge and make some fast cash in the process, Weary then goes after her, and the two fight in a battle that winds up with both of them dying on the ground.

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You know what? Maybe the script leaks worked out for the better, as this original plan sounds just a tad convoluted. Still, it’s an interesting “what if?” scenario, and if you’re curious, you can read this portion of the script online.