Scream 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Sarah Michelle Gellar in ‘Scream 2’ (Courtesy of Dimension Films)

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar took on the role of Cici without reading the script.

If you’re a well-known actress like Sarah Michelle Gellar, who had established herself as a star with her run as the titular hero in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’re carefully considering each film offer that heads your way. They want to keep the high-paying work coming, but no Hollywood icon wants to harm their career by showing up in a movie that stinks worse than a bag of decaying, rotted, maggot-infested flesh. Sorry for the gross analogy, but this is a horror movie website after all.

But when Scream 2 landed on Gellar’s desk, she gave Dimension Films a ‘yes’ without even turning a page. Gellar doesn’t seem to be the Nicolas Cage type that seemingly just agrees to any and all film offers that come her way, so why give Scream 2 a free pass? For all she knew, the sequel could’ve been a PG flick about the ghost of John Wilkes Boothe shooting people with a confetti gun.

Actually, Gellar’s reasoning was simply because she was a fan of the first film, and saw how successful it became at the box office. She had apparently agreed to be in the film without reading the script or even knowing what part she would play.

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