Scream 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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‘Friends’ (courtesy of NBC)

7. There are multiple references to ‘Friends’

It’s not entirely clear if the show Friends exists in the Scream universe, or if the character of Monica Geller is still featured with a different actress playing her. Or, does Courtney Cox also exist in their world, with Gale Weathers serving as her exact double— like with Jennifer Tilly and Tiffany in Seed of Chucky?

Who knows, but at the very least, some of Cox’s co-stars on the extremely popular NBC sitcom exist in the world of Scream, and one of them is heavily involved with Stab.

Although he was never actually shown on-screen in Scream 2, David Schwimmer— who played Ross Geller, Cox’s storyline brother on Friends— is mentioned to be the actor who plays Dewey Riley in Stab, who is Cox’s storyline lover in the Scream movies.

Going off of Schwimmer being revealed to play Dewey in Stab, Scream 3 would also mention the actor playing the part, noting that he opted not to return to the role for Stab 3 (which most likely saved his life, given Scream 3‘s plot).

The other Friends co-star reference in Scream 2 is that of Cox’s real-life best friend, Jennifer Aniston. When Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) talks about nude pictures of Gale Weathers floating around online, Gale comments that a body double was used for the pictures, and that it was “Jennifer Aniston’s body”.

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