Scream 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Scream 2 (Dimension Films)

5. A fan won a cameo through an MTV contest

It feels like I’ve seen advertisements for contests promising “walk-on roles” in feature films ever since I was a little kid, but I’ve never actually seen something materialize from them. I mean, I’m sure that most of these people were worked into these films in some fashion as promised, but it probably just never gets promoted or reported on.

Well, while researching this list, I learned about which role a contest winner had gotten in a movie for the very first time. In the beginning of the film when theater patrons are arriving to watch Stab, an usher can be seen handing out masks to audience members. That usher is Paulette Patterson, a fan who won that role through an MTV contest.

Years later, Patterson would appear as a “female paramedic” on both True Blood and Enlightened. She also had a bit part as a caterer in the TV series Shake it Up! Unfortunately, she hasn’t reprised her role in Scream 3 or Scream 4, but hey, maybe the usher from Scream 2 could wind up being the killer in Scream 5. There’s a new twist for you.

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