Scream 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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4. Matthew Lillard has a small cameo in the movie

The big twist of the first Scream film was that there wasn’t just one killer— Ghostface was two people. One of them was Billy Loomis, Sidney’s boyfriend, and the other was his wacky friend Stu, played by Matthew Lillard. Both ended up dying in the ending of Scream, but did you know Lillard still has a cameo in Scream 2?

It’s (presumably) not as the same character, of course. Stu is as dead as dead can be, having taken a large screen television to the face in the prior film. But Lillard is still shown on-screen in the movie in an easter egg that has gone unnoticed by most fans who watched the film.

When Sidney and Hallie attend a sorority party, look in the background during the scene where Sidney is getting the spiel about promoting safe sex. A man gives a friendly hug to Mickey, who turns out to be one of the two killers in the movie. That guy hugging him? That’s Matthew Lillard.

What we have here is a killer from the first movie hugging a killer from the second one… maybe Stu survived after all, and was part of the plan?

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