’12 Monkeys’: ‘Fatherhood’ Births New Era For Sci-Fi Saga


With only four episodes left in 12 Monkeys’ 2nd season, the time-traveling saga pushes both plot and character further in intensely enjoyable ways in ‘Fatherhood’. It’s time for a new baby Monkey Manics.

The following review of Fatherhood contains minor spoilers. You’ll be fine to peel the review and ingest before watching the episode. Enjoy you crazy monkeys.


Now this is an episode you could call a banana split (puns and I are thick as thieving monkeys).

I’m ganna hurt you real bad-José Ramse

Why did I call 12 Monkeys’ latest, Fatherland, a banana split ? I’m glad you asked you crazy monkey.

No, it’s not due to the quality of the episode, but more of the stained relationships between some of the 12 Monkeys characters. While I’m not going to ruin too much, and it was heavily implied on the “next on” segment at the tail end last week’s amazing Hyena , its quite impeccable when it comes to some of our core characters. It’s quite enjoyable.

Not only are relationships tested further than in any previous episode, but now Cole is on one side and these character, without ruining the fun, are on another. It was an amazingly written move and the writers should be proud.

Written by Oliver Grigsby, what also works extremely well in Fatherhood is the plotting. Not only is the 10th episode of 12 Monkeys’  second season extremely fun, going way back in the past like the amazing two punch combo of One Hundred Years and Emergence , but Fatherhood begins to reveal big questions about both The Witness and The Messengers.12 Monkeys truly ups the ante in Fatherhood and It’s a huge moment for the series. One that fans are sure to freak when they see it.

Also, the script brilliantly brings back a characters from 1944 that I never thought we’d see again. It’s actually genius the way in which this character is used in Fatherhood. In fact, Cole and this character have an absolutely amazing moment that’s well written and is sure resonate with viewers. I applaud the show for this curve ball.

Kirk Acevedo as José Ramse in ’12 Monkeys’- Courtesy of Syfy

As for the direction, we get a some nice cinematography in spurts. Directed by Guy Norman Bee, what we get is: The opening shot is amazing (high angle starting on a plane), then quick a shot with the camera starting on a character’s back as they walk further into the background, and a beautiful low-angle shot featuring a Messenger and a little girl.

While Fatherhood isn’t amazingly directed, it’s edited fast where it needs to be and otherwise isn’t over-directed as to get in the way of Fatherhood’s story. It also feature a filter to give the episode, when taking place in the past, a more old-school 40s or 50s feel that I loved.

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Furthermore, the acting is pretty stellar here. All of the principles continue to bring it, with star Aaron Stanford standing out between the main players. But the guest stars are the ones who make an impression in Fatherhood.

Matt Frewer, who is a character-actor legend with roles dating back to 1989’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids and beyond, really does dazzling work in Fatherhood. I won’t tell you the role he play, but the experienced actor has a monologue that is just perfect. I loved every second he was on screen.

Also, that’s returning character is great in Fatherhood. For those who haven’t figured out who it was, I’ll say that not only does this actor truly earn his pay check in 12 Monkeys‘ latest, but he earns our respect as well. He’s quite talented.

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So, will Cole and Co. mend their broke relationships? Will the time-traveling trio save the facility from the red forest? Will Ramse and Cassandra get their revenge and find Titan? You’ll have to swing over to Syfy to find out..


Guy Norman Bee‘s Fatherhood is a great entry in the 12 Monkeys canon. It’s a tightly scripted episode that pushes the show in monumental ways both in terms of plot and character relationships. Things are really beginning to heat up on the underrated Sci-Fi series and I simply can’t wait until the next episode. Take care you Monkey Maniacs.


Check out a preview of next week’s episode,

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Enjoying Syfy’s 12 Monkeys? Did or didn’t like what Fatherhood had to offer? Sound off with your comments below and let’s get as many monkeys as we can to get this conversation going. Don’t forget to tune into 12 Monkeys Mondays at 9/8c, only on Syfy.