‘The Conjuring 2’: Do We Really Need A “Nun” Film?


After the smash success of James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring 2’, Warner Brother greenlit a spin-off featuring “The Nun” in fast fashion. But do we really need a film based on the villain from the hit horror sequel?

In 2013, James Wan, most know up to that point for the sadistically scary Insidious series and the frightening film franchise Saw, unleashed a terror no one ever…saw coming ( I HAD TO!). One part modern and two parts throwback, The Conjuring came out of nowhere and became a true sensation grossing $137,400,141 domestically, not to mention an additional $180,600,000 internationally, on a messily budget of 20 Million according to Box Office Mojo.

Soon after, it was announced that The Conjuring was getting a spin-off in the form of Annabelle, the creepily crazy doll for the film. Everyone seemed to be excited for the movie; then we actually saw the thing. Sitting at 29% on Rotten Tomatoes, the amazing site that culls a film’s reviews and gives it an overall score, it’s safe to say that many people didn’t love the film.

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Flash forward a three years later, and The Conjuring 2 is released in theaters. Opening on June 10th, 2016, only two weeks removed as of this publication, the horror sequel, also directed by Wan, made an amazing $40,406,314 on a budget of $40M. That’s right, the film recouped its production budget in its opening weekend.

With that kind of take, one that’s growing by the day (film currently sits on $79,201,434) , it’s not surprising Warner Brothers, the production company behind The Conjuring franchise, is looking to make a movie based on the film’s villain. But do we really need a “Nun” film?

The short answer is a loud and resounding no. Now I know some of you love the world of Ed and Lorraine Warren ; I’m with you Freaks of the Night. The Conjuring cinematic universe is great…when it’s left to the great James Wan.

Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren in ‘The Conjuring 2’-Courtesy of Warner Brothers

For starters, the future “Nun” movie is nothing but a cash grab plain and simple. It’s studio film making 101 to prey on people’s love for a franchise like mischievous cheetah in the dark depths of the wild wilderness. Once a film hits it big, like the original Conjuring, audiences can expect a sequel. But as was the case with the Annabelle, we got a crap spin-off first for no other reason but the studio’s exploitation of horror fan tendencies and our penance to see whatever.

Then again, can you blame Warner? Annabelle, made on a budget of 6.5M, went on to gross a staggering $256, 873, 813 when all market takes were tallied. You read that right Fright Fans.  Hell, even Annabelle is getting a sequel. I suppose I should be asking the question “Are we to blame for the Nun spin-off”?

Furthermore, like I mentioned before, the brilliantly talented James Wan won’t be involved in a standalone “Nun” film. While he also didn’t have anything to do with Annabelle, other than creating the film’s inspiration with his obsession with puppets/dolls, the film only became a hit itself and made that kind money because people expected The Conjuring experience again. An experience that was made by a cinematic genius. Sadly, that’s isn’t what the horror community got.

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So what do you Horror Heads think? Do we need a film based on the villain for a The Conjuring 2?

Love The Conjuring series? The amazing James Wan? We love our horror community and want to hear your thoughts. Sound off in the comment section below and let’s figure this it out.