‘The Purge’ Goes Down Much Differently in Canada


Boo Ya Pictures has uploaded a parody trailer for a Canadian version of The Purge, showcasing the drastic differences citizens could expect.

If you ever have to go through a real-life Purge, let’s hope it’s in Canada and not the United States.

While you may have to deal with minor inconveniences, such as people smoking in non-smoking areas, you apparently won’t have to deal with homicidal maniacs dressed as patriotic characters like Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam.

The Purge: Election Year will see its premiere just around the corner, and filmgoers will get another chance to see the over-the-top ways such an event would affect the citizens of the United States of America. On the flip side, you can head to Boo Ya Pictures‘ YouTube channel for a peek at how it would play out in Canada, which is also pretty over-the-top— just in the other direction.

Watch the hilarious video right here to check out the CANADIAN Purge:

“Ever wonder what ‘The Purge’ would be like in Canada? For the next 12 hours, ALL crime is legal… Including texting and driving.”

That video is extremely well done, and although it’s spoofing the Purge series, it still makes me just a tad more anticipated for the next one opening in theaters this weekend. Say what you will about those films, but they are a lot of fun to watch. And if enough people show up in the theaters, we’ll most likely get a fourth film in the series.

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The Purge: Election Year will officially premiere on July 1, 2016. In some ways, it looks just as ridiculous as the spoof trailer posted above, but at the same time, I can’t help but want to see it. There’s just something about those campy, unrealistic horror stories that I find to be a guilty pleasure.