5 Horror Films Inspired by Real Life Murderer Ed Gein

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The crimes of Ed Gein are still among the most horrific ever seen, involving murder, graverobbing, and desecration of human corpses.

So, naturally, his story inspired several feature films.

While Gein has only been proven to have killed two women in the late 1950s, his number of victims is much higher if you count all of the corpses he had mutilated. Gein made a habit of digging up freshly buried bodies, taking home certain parts of them to fashion into various household items.

For example, he’d use skulls as soup bowls or human skin as lampshades. It was said that he even had a belt made out of nipples. Those are just a few of the horrible things found in his Wisconsin home after police searched his house following Gein’s arrest.

The details of Gein’s crimes have horrified most who’ve heard them, including various filmmakers over the years. It turns out that the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and Gein’s exploits were able to serve as creative inspiration for several horror movies, starting from many decades ago.

So let’s go through and look at the five most notable feature films influenced by the grisly crimes of America’s most infamous necrophile.

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