Jason X: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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David Cronenberg in Jason X (New Line Cinema)

10. David Cronenberg wanted to be killed by Jason in a cameo

Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg is best known for directing films like Naked LunchThe FlyCrash, and Dead Ringers, but he can be seen in several horror films in the occasional cameo appearance. One of these would be as Dr. Wimmer in the opening scenes of Jason X, which was due to his being a mentor to the film’s director, Jim Isaac.

According to the screenwriter Todd Farmer, Cronenberg personally rewrote most of his written scenes, promising that his character “still dies most excellently”. Apparently, Cronenberg really wanted to be killed in a Friday the 13th movie, and his cameo was done as a personal favor from Isaac and Farmer. He even got to basically write his own death scene, truly living out every Friday the 13th nerd’s fantasy.

The opening scenes of the film are among the most interesting of the entire movie, oddly enough. It certainly helped having Cronenberg’s involvement in the scene, as he was entertaining in his short role as Dr. Wimmer. Isaac actually lucked out in a sense being able to bring in a talented horror director for such a small role, even if it was still a favor for Cronenberg.

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