Jason X: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Jason can’t choose which one to kill first in Jason X (New Line Cinema)

9. It’s the least censored Friday the 13th movie

There’s one thing you can always expect when it comes to Friday the 13th movies, and that’s seeing people getting killed on-screen. Some of these death scenes across the entire franchise have been downright bloody and brutal, and the films have come to expect to have to be heavily trimmed down to get an R-rating. It was just par for the course with these films.

When it comes to Jason X, however, only a few seconds were cut from the movie to achieve an R-rating. If those few seconds were added back into the movie, chances are you couldn’t even detect the difference. In other words, it took hardly any effort at all to avoid an NC-17 rating for the film.

What this means is that Jason X is the least censored movie in the entire Friday the 13th franchise. Maybe the campy nature of the movie made the ratings board more lenient towards the deaths in the film, some of which were not very realistic. In any case, while the deaths shown in Jason X didn’t need to be trimmed down very much, that’s not to say it’s the tamest movie in the franchise…

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