Jason X: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Someone is “screwed” in Jason X (New Line Cinema)

8. It has the highest body count of every Friday the 13th film

The Friday the 13th website Camp Blood has compiled body counts for every film in the franchise, and guess who has the highest number? That would be Jason X, as you probably assumed by now. The fact that Jason was in outer space didn’t deter him from racking up the bodies.

Jason got a big head start in the beginning of the film when he murdered Dr. Wimmer, along with seven guards. Freezing him would only delay his killing spree, but he would quickly bring the tally back up once boarding the Grendel. Literally nobody is safe on board the spaceship.

After snuffing out as many of the crew and students as he can get his hands on, Jason is only stopped when Sgt. Brodski sacrifices himself by dragging him to burn up in the planet’s atmosphere. With Brodski’s death, we have at least 23 deaths attributed to Jason in the film— even more if you count the holographic teenagers (which I most definitely would).

And that’s not even counting the Solaris space station which was inadvertently destroyed, which would have been a horribly tragic event that claimed an unbelievable number of lives…

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