Jason X: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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7. Todd Farmer claims 20,000 people died on board the space station

The number of victims Jason physically got his hands on in Jason X— or even every Friday the 13th movie combined, for that matter— pales in comparison to the damage he produced by causing the destruction of the Solaris space station. This, in fact, would have been one of the worst tragedies ever seen in human history, based on the depressingly high number of killed victims.

The screenwriter of the film, Todd Farmer, was asked about the victims of the space station during a Q-and-A session about the film with fans. Supposedly, he said that about 20,000 people were on board the Solaris. He may or may not have been joking, but as the writer of the story, his word is canon, so that’s the number we’re going to have to take.

There was obviously no surviving the mass destruction of the space station, so if there were really that many people on board, they’re all no more. If you count these kills as being attributed to Jason Voorhees, well, then no Friday the 13th film in the future will ever even come close to topping this body count.

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