‘The Dark Tower’: How The Epic Links With Every King Tale


Iconic Author Stephen King, ahead of the film’s eventual release, has said every tale he’s ever told has been linked to his beloved fantasy epic, ‘The Dark Tower’.

Now is the king of all King news.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King has come out and dropped quite possible the biggest mind-blowing knowledge of his 40 year career: Every story the highly respected writer has ever written has been linked to the sprawling beloved epic, The Dark Tower.

Here are just a few instances of the author’s literary connections, straight from Stephen King per EW:

The Shining (1977) and Doctor Sleep(2013) – Psychic powers in The Dark Towerfilm are referred to as “The Shine,” which means Jake Chambers, the boy at the center of the story, has the same abilities that Danny Torrance had in King’s classic 1977 novel (and the 2013 sequel Doctor Sleep). Is the Shine becoming his catch-all psychic ability? Does that mean the wallflower-turned-prom-queen in Carrie had a malevolent version of The Shine? “I don’t know, man,” King says with a laugh. “It’s like the guy says in House of Cards: ‘You might think so, but I couldn’t possibly comment.’”

It (1986) – Later in The Dark Tower books, Roland and his posse meet Dandelo, a creature who feeds on emotion, just like the fiend that manifested itself as Pennywise the Clown. Fans theorize they’re the same kind of monster, but King doesn’t go that far. “I would say that they were probably related just because they both came from my head,” he says. “But it wasn’t a conscious thing to say one was like the other.”

4. ‘Salem’s Lot (1975) – In this 1975 book, the fallen priest who loses his faith and drinks the blood of a vampire later becomes a key ally of Roland the Gunslinger in the latter Dark Tower books. If there are sequels to the movie, it’s possible he may turn up onscreen. “Father Callahan…” King says wistfully. “I’d love to see him in there. But we’ll have to see how the [first] film does.”

The hailed author, who’s getting close to 70 (he’s 68), went on to add:

"“You know, everything I’ve done kind of reflects back to The Dark Tower books,” Said the influential icon. “Listen man, I’m the kind of writer that doesn’t know jack sh– about anything, I’m totally intuitive about this. I don’t plot ahead, I don’t outline, and when you start to see those connections you embrace them. You don’t push them away, you don’t say ‘Oh no, that can’t be.’”"

The Dark Tower book series, which started with 1982’s The Gunslinger and spanning, eight books later, with 2012’s The Wind Through The Keyhole, is without a doubt the most hailed work from true King die-hards. While King states a lot of the links between The Dark Tower and his other works was mostly unintentional, I’m sure this is pleasing quite a few people.

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I’m also sure the King clan is excited about the forthcoming film based on the western saga. We’ve been on top of everything related to the film, and while we’re a ways away from even a teaser trailer, we can’t freaking wait till the first footage from The Dark Tower movie. Don’t forget to check back with 1428 for all you Dark Tower needs.

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