The Purge Election Year: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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5. The movie acknowledges Elizabeth Mitchell’s work on the TV series Lost.

Did Senator Charlie Roan look familiar to you? There’s a reason for that. The actress playing her, Elizabeth Mitchell, has had some success on the small screen as well. You might know her as a lead actress from the sci-fi ABC series V, or maybe as the Snow Queen on the popular fantasy series Once Upon a Time.

However, most would probably know Mitchell best as Dr. Juliet Burke from the drama series Lost. Mitchell made a name for herself with this role, and the cast and crew of The Purge: Election Year hasn’t forgotten about that. In fact, there’s an easter egg in the movie that serves as a nod to Lost and Mitchell’s time on the show.

In the beginning of the film, a schoolgirl attempts to steal a candy bar from a deli, only to be kicked out by the manager. Later, she returns (during the Purge night) to get revenge— and her candy bar back. Do you know what candy bar it was? That’s right— an “Apollo Bar”.

Lost fans should recognize that as a brand of candy bar seen on the show as one of the only food sources. While it originated on Lost, these bars have since been seen on other TV shows like Scrubs and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and now they’ve made their way onto the big screen.

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