The Purge Election Year: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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4. One of the characters appeared in all three films in The Purge series

This one won’t be shocking to fans of the franchise who’ve watched (and remember) the previous entries, but it’s not immediately obvious to those who haven’t. But there is a character (and only one) who has appeared in all three films, returning once again to make an appearance in The Purge: Election Year.

That would be Dante Bishop, who has organized the assassination of Senator Roan’s rival during the night of the Purge. When Roan convinces him that a political win for her would be more important than taking part in the Purge, Bishop acquiesces, telling her that she better win. He then focuses on helping Roan survive the night.

Those who’ve seen part one will remember Bishop as the stranger who shows up looking for help, surviving only after being taken in by a family and kicking off the events of the film. Bishop again appeared in the sequel Anarchy, as a member of a group of anti-Purge resistance fighters. Apparently, he dedicated his life to stopping the Purge after narrowly surviving the events of the first movie.

While Frank Grillo reprised his role from Anarchy, he wasn’t in the first film, making Edwin Hodge— who played Bishop— the only actor to appear in all three.

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