The Purge Election Year: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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3. Election Year is the highest grossing film in The Purge franchise

You know how sequels generally do poorly when compared to the original? Sometimes, the further a film series goes, the worse each one will perform. That is not the case at all with The Purge, which has only done better with each subsequent release.

Just a couple of weeks past release, The Purge: Election Year has pulled in over $149 million at the box office. Do you know how much money they spent to make the movie? $10 million. We can poke fun at the goofy outfits the murderers on the poster are wearing all we want, but the suits at Universal Pictures are swimming through gold coins like Scrooge McDuck because of this movie. It has been extremely profitable, and thus, very successful.

According to Wikipedia, Election Year is the “final installment” of the series. However, I couldn’t find any official confirmation of that from Universal or James DeMonaco. But if they were planning on concluding the franchise with this one, I’m sure the studio has already reconsidered that option by now, and I would be absolutely shocked if there wasn’t a Purge 4 coming out sometime in the future.

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