Ghostbusters (2016): 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Zuul in Ghostbusters (Columbia Pictures)

10. A post-credits scene references the original film

A lot of big budget franchise films these days like to hint at potential sequels in special scenes hidden after the credits at the end of the movie. The Ghostbusters reboot would be no different, featuring a scene that will only make sense to those who’ve seen the original movies in the franchise.

With the four new Ghostbusters going through audio recordings in their official HQ, Patty Tolan (played by Leslie Jones) seems to hear something peculiar. She looks at the other ladies, and asks the question, “What is Zuul?” Her question is only met with blank stares from the others, but for fans of the franchise, this might mean the return of a familiar character if there is a Ghostbusters 2.

If you aren’t aware, Zuul is a demigod and the Gatekeeper of Gozer, the main antagonist. It first appeared in the 1984 film in the refrigerator of Sigourney Weaver’s character Dana Barrett, later possessing her body as she prepares for a date with Peter Venkman (Bill Murray). When Venkman arrives, an interesting scene ensues wherein she tries to seduce him, but it’s all just a sign of more trouble to come for the Ghostbusters.

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