Horror Movies: Top 10 Actors Who Played Themselves

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Halloween II (Dimension Films)

Cameos are always fun in horror movies, but they’re even more so when the celebrity in question is playing themselves. And I’ve compiled a list of the top ten.

It’s nothing new to see famous folks popping up in horror films.

A lot of them got their start in the genre, such as Johnny Depp who made his feature film debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Others have offered cameos in these films simply because they are fans of the genre; director David Cronenberg appeared in Jason X merely because he wanted to be killed on-screen by the iconic character.

But whenever a celebrity appears as themselves in movies, it feels extra special. It blends reality and fiction in such a way that it makes it easier to suspend your disbelief when watching the films— as if you’re watching something that could happen in our universe.

So how about we go through and take a look at the top ten most fun cameos from horror movies in which the celebrities played themselves, and we’ll see if you’ll remember some of these just as fondly as I do, and learn about a few more that you never knew about in the process.

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