Horror Movies: Top 10 Actors Who Played Themselves

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5. Jennifer Tilly in Seed of Chucky

The Child’s Play franchise started off very well, but only got more ridiculous with each entry in the series. By the time Bride of Chucky came about, it didn’t seem as if those films could get any sillier. Well, enter Seed of Chucky, which saw Chucky and his doll wife Tiffany starting a family with their doll child. Watch as Chucky and Tiffany are forced to reconsider their murderous lifestyle to set a better example for their new kid.

To its credit, I don’t think these films were even trying to be scary anymore— I think the point was for it to be completely ridiculous. Indeed, it was, as one of the lead characters in the film was even Jennifer Tilly, who does the voice of Tiffany. Yes, Tiffany wants to kill a famous actress who just happens to have the exact same voice as her.

But despite the baffling storyline, Tilly herself really shined in the film. Although, as herself, she has to deal with appearing in a scene where she is impregnated by Chucky the killer doll and soon after gives birth to his babies, Tilly pretty much embraced it. She makes an otherwise completely horrendous film that much more bearable.

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