Horror Movies: Top 10 Actors Who Played Themselves

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3. Dick Cavett in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

The third A Nightmare on Elm Street movie is probably the only other one in the entire franchise as good as the original, with a great script and expertly directed scenes. A very memorable cameo appearance by Dick Cavett certainly sticks out as one of the greatest parts. It’s actually one of my favorite moments from the whole film series.

Jennifer Caulfield was a young girl with dreams of becoming a big TV star. She ends up falling asleep while watching Dick Cavett conduct an interview on TV. As she had been fighting her sleep, she hadn’t even realized she was now dreaming, until she saw something unexpected on the television. What seems to be an ordinary Cavett segment quickly takes a horrifying turn.

While interviewing his guest, Zsa Zsa Gabor (also playing herself), Cavett suddenly transforms into Freddy Krueger. Gabor screams as Krueger lurches at her, before the screen cuts to static. Soon after, the television itself turns into Freddy Krueger, and that’s when he delivers the classic line, “Welcome to primetime, bitch!” before shoving her face into the screen. The entire death scene would become one of the most well remembered from the franchise.

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