Top 5 Horror Films Shockingly Not Rebooted Yet

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3. Sleepaway Camp

The Sleepaway Camp film series is probably the best known when it comes to slasher films taking place at summer camp— other than Friday the 13th, of course. The original film is often cited as the best of the series, with a twist ending that’s been called one of the most shocking of all time.

After the first movie’s release, another filmmaker named Michael A. Simpson shot two sequels back to back. Years later, Robert Hiltzik, the original director, made Return to Sleepaway Camp, his own sequel to the first film which ignored the other two. Hiltzik and Simpson were each both interested in producing another movie in the franchise following this, but nothing ever materialized.

By this point, another sequel to this aging franchise seems very unlikely, given how much in quality the sequels all compared to that first film. But as many horror fans still love Sleepaway Camp, it is rather unusual that Hollywood hasn’t tried to just hit the reset button and present an all new version of the story.

Rumors of a proposed reboot swirled around a little bit in 2013, but there hasn’t been a single update since that time— suggesting that the studio passed on the project.

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