6 Retro Horror Film Franchises Still Making Sequels

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Tremors (Universal Pictures)

6. Tremors

Most horror fans have at least heard of the Tremors film series. Originally released in 1990, nobody expected the first entry in this horror-comedy series to be any good. This includes star Kevin Bacon, who had a mental breakdown prior to the film’s release, telling his wife that he just couldn’t believe he had resorted to doing a film about “underground worms”.

But Bacon didn’t know how well-received the killer worm movie would turn out to be. Many critics and horror fans found it to be a refreshing entry in the horror genre, which had been focusing more on slasher movies. Its cast and humor were cited as some of the best parts about the surprise hit.

As with any successful film, producers were very interested in a sequel following the good reviews for Tremors. It would go on to spawn four direct-to-video sequels, maintaining its original continuity throughout. The latest film, Tremors 5: Bloodlines, featured series star Michael Gross returning as Burt Gummer, who first appeared in the original movie.

Bacon has never returned for any of the sequels, but he has signed on to reprise his role from Tremors in an upcoming TV series based on the films. It would seem he has come around to appreciate this fun film after all.

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