6 Retro Horror Film Franchises Still Making Sequels

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Resident Evil (2002) – Photo from Screen Gems

4. Resident Evil

Based on the popular video game franchise from Capcom, the Resident Evil film series first began in 2002. Writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson has since turned the series into the most profitable horror franchise of all time, netting nearly a billion dollars in worldwide revenue. As successful as it is, this entry is not surprising at all. Why wouldn’t they keep making these films?

As this series never really crashed and burned (at least in terms of ticket sales), money never dictated bringing an end to this series. However, it seems as if Anderson finally wants to move on from it, as the next film is subtitled The Final Chapter. It has been said that this will be the very last film in the popular movie series.

The question is, will this really be the “Final Chapter”? Or will Alice pull a Jason Voorhees and come back to deliver at least six more movies? That’s hard to say for sure. If Resident Evil: The Final Chapter dominates the box office as much as its predecessors, Screen Gems would no doubt love to make another. And if they throw a big enough number at Anderson to do come back for another entry, he just might do it.

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