6 Retro Horror Film Franchises Still Making Sequels

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Hellraiser (Entertainment)

2. Hellraiser

Would you believe that there have already been nine movies in the Hellraiser series? Most people don’t know that, because you’d be hard-pressed to find horror fans who’ve managed to see them all. While the 1987 original became an instant cult classic, the sequels have been hit or miss. Generally, they’re all seen as poor, though I consider some (like Hellseeker) to be underrated.

In any case, even though Pinhead was recast in the last movie (Doug Bradley played the character in the previous eight installments), it was considered to be a sequel, not a reboot. That one was likely the worst of the bunch, mainly due to a low budget, tight time constraints, and a disappointing performance from the new Pinhead.

But although talk of a reboot of the series has gone as far back as 2006, it never came to be. Clive Barker was even attached at one point, creating the interesting possibility of seeing a filmmaker reboot his own most famous film later in life. But the project seemed to sputter out in 2013 with no major updates since then.

So while they’ve been trying to reboot the damn series for years, the original continuity lives on. Filming has begun on a tenth film in the series called Hellraiser: Judgment, featuring yet another actor taking on the role of Pinhead.

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