Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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Halloween (2007) – Photo from Dimension Films

Daeg Faerch

After Resurrection failed to resonate with fans, the decision was made to reboot the Halloween franchise. This saw House of 1000 Corpses director Rob Zombie stepping in to reboot the series with his own reimagining of the first film. In contrast to John Carpenter’s version which offered no explanation for Michael’s madness, Zombie dove into providing a full backstory for the killer.

To expand upon Michael’s story, Zombie spent the first half of the film on Michael’s childhood as a ten year old. Child actor Daeg Faerch was hired to play the young Michael. He did his own stunts for the role, which sort of makes him a stuntman too. Faerch is still primarily an actor, though, appearing in several Shakespearean productions.

As for his role as Michael Myers, Faerch was heavily praised, even if opinions were more mixed about the film itself. He nearly reprised the role in Zombie’s sequel Halloween II, but due to his accelerating growth, he wound up being too tall. But as he had far more screen time than Will Sandin in the original, and his replacement in Halloween II, Faerch will always be the best remembered version of a young Michael Myers.

Here’s a recent pic of Faerch, taken from his Facebook:

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