Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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Halloween II (Dimension Films)

Chase Wright Vanek

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II came out only two years after his first film. Originally, Zombie claimed to only be interested in doing one Halloween movie, but wound up changing his mind. This could have been due to Zombie’s Halloween becoming the highest-grossing film in the series, and the studio’s pressure on him to make another.

In any case, Zombie was back in the saddle for another Halloween film, and wanted to bring back Daeg Faerch to play young Michael Myers. This is because the character was still used in visions and flashbacks. But much to Zombie’s dismay, Faerch had apparently hit his growth spurt in between filming the two movies, and he had grown far too much to play Myers again.

This meant that the role of young Michael needed to be recast, and child actor Chase Wright Vanek was tapped for the role. Vanek had only been seen in the film Dear Lemon Lima which had just come out a couple months prior to the release of Halloween II. Since then, Vanek hasn’t worked much in Hollywood. He attends college and seems to have put his acting career on hold.

Here’s a picture of Vanek in 2014, five years after Halloween II, courtesy of Facebook:

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