Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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HALLOWEEN, Danny Trejo (left), Tyler Mane (center), 2007. ©Dimension Films

Tyler Mane

Actor Tyler Mane breaks the mold of professional stuntmen playing the role of the adult, masked Michael Myers. Unless, of course, you consider pro wrestling to be “stunt work”. Mane performed under many different names as a wrestler, but he was best known for his time in WCW in the early 90s as “Big Sky”. Mane retired from the sport in 1996.

In the years following, Mane pursued acting. He was able to garner several feature film roles, such as parts in Joe DirtTroyThe Devil’s Rejects, and Hercules. One of his best known roles was that of Sabretooth in X-Men, which was originally going to go to Kevin Nash— Mane’s former tag team partner in wrestling.

In 2007, Mane would play Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboot. He would return in 2009 to play Myers once again in Zombie’s sequel to the film. At 6’9″, he is the tallest actor to play the character. He is also the second actor to play him more than once, and the only to play him in consecutive films.

Here’s a recent photograph of Mane, which proves he’s just as intimidating outside of the mask as he is in it:

Photo by Jenny Brezinski

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