Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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Halloween (Dimension Films)

Will Sandin

The very first time we ever saw Michael Myers, it was directly after his first murder at the tender age of six. Through the demented child’s point of view, we see him creeping up on his sister Judith with a knife before stabbing her to death. His parents arrive home soon after and remove the clown mask he had been wearing to trick or treat in, giving us a clear view of the young Myers’ face.

This opening scene is a flashback leading into the events of the film, which take place years later when Myers is an adult. But let’s take a second to remember Will Sandin, the young boy to portray the young Michael Myers. Sandin would get a few bit parts after Halloween, but he had gotten out of acting by the time he was fully grown.

However, Sandin has embraced his horror past, and has attended horror conventions to sign autographs and do Q and A sessions. Here is a photograph of Sandin in 2015, recreating his big moment from Halloween by holding a knife in his right hand. If you were wondering what a grown-up version of the original Michael Myers looks like, here you go:

Will Sandin (Source Unknown)

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