Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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Nick Castle (Source Unknown)

Nick Castle

As mentioned earlier, Nick Castle was the man behind the mask in John Carpenter’s original Halloween film. Castle was a personal friend of Carpenter’s, and he and the director would later actually later write Escape From New York together. For his performance as Michael Myers, Castle was paid $25 a day. Seems pretty light considering just how big the series would wind up becoming.

In the following years, Castle would be more prolific as a director, as opposed to being an actor. He had a hand in helming several films and TV shows, including the 90s classics Dennis the Menace and Major Payne. Hard to think about the fact that Michael Myers made those movies, but I guess Castle is a man of many talents.

Castle has certainly never forgotten about his time as “The Shape” however. He has been featured in modern documentaries about the Halloween franchise, and is very proud to have played the famous bogeyman in the very first entry of the popular film series. These days, he regularly attends horror conventions to meet fans of the series.

If you want to see a more recent photograph of Castle, here he is with Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers co-host J. Blake.

Nick Castle (left) with J. Blake of Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers

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